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QQ-3795. Mr Stephen Kerry - Nursing – Divya D'Souza – Right Knee Injury


Hayman Physiotherapy Centre

23 West End


Dear Physiotherapist,

Re: Mr Stephen Kerry, DOB: 16.06.1963.

Mr Kerry, whi had recent knee injury, so that requesting behalf od tranafer daily home visit for to provide proper exercise because progress was observed.

In 13.07.2011, Mr Kerry was visited nursing agency with complaints of fall and body infected to the right knee. Warm compress dressing applied and painkillers was commenced. Therefore no complained was noticed but slightly pain while walking was observed. He is started to walk with sticks for support.

Mr Kerry live with wife (Jennifer Kerry). Two years ago he faced cerebrovascular accident f

Therefore speech slightly showed.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances physio to assessment to determine hour regularly need to visit. Mr Kerry and what type of exercise will be requires. It would be profoundly beneficial.

In case any additional information required, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Joanna Andrews

Senior Nurse.


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