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QQ-3792. Ms Patricia Cooper - Nursing – Sanjana Nalupurappatil – Aspiration


The Dietician

Zedhealth Nutrtion And Dietetics

North Terrace and Frome Road

Centenary Building

Level 2 Adelaide

SA 5000

21 March 2019

Re: Ms Patricia Cooper, aged 67

Ms Cooper who requires home visits to evaluate her swallowing function and nutritional status as she had a choking event.

Ms Cooper has had diabetes mellitus for years and follows a diabetic, low fat and low fibre diet. She gained 8 kilograms of weight over five months, and current weight is 107 kilograms with a Body Mass Index of 30. She has dentures and having meals three times daily.

Regarding her medical history, she has dementia. Recently, chest pain and occational cough with shortness of breath have developed. Sporadic mouth clearing was provided with milk content. She also has ischemic heart disease.

She lives at Agmaray Nursing Home.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, assessing her swallowing funtion and nutritional status were necessary. For further queries do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse

Agmaroy Nursing Home.


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