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QQ-3774. Matthew McConaughey - Nursing – Welile Phetsile – Refractory Asthma


The Pulmonologist

Mr Mark Ruffalo

Freeman Hospital



23 January 2022

RE: Matthew McConaughey, Aged, 10 years

Dear Mr Mark Ruffalo

I am writing to refer Matthew McConaughey, who has been our patient for the past 5 years. He was diagnosed with refractory asthma, therefore, requires Thermoplasty and further investigation today.

Initially, on 05/05/2020, Matthew McConaughey came to our care complaining of wheezing, chest pains, dyspnoea and cough whereby chest x-ray and CT scan was done which brought back normal results. Thus, he was given low-dose corticosteroid, Fluticason 44mcg 2 puffs twice per day. On his subsequent visits, he remained symptomatic with mild fever, as a result, chest x-ray was done again which came back normal. Also, increased use of inhaler was noted. On 09/05/2020, the symptoms had been worse, so, he was done allergy skin test which came positive for dust, and tress. Therefore, he was diagnosed with refractory asthma. Breathing pattern was monitored and was also given steam inhalation to relieve cough.

On today's visit, Matthew came wheezing, having chest pains, dyspnoea and coughing thick secretions and having fever. On examination, he appeared pale and weak.

Concerning Matthews past medical history, he had Bronchial asthma since 5 years old, using albuterol rescue inhaler. Also, past 2 years, he had interment chest infections which lasted for 6 months. The is no history of asthma on both parents whom he stays with.

Based on the above, it would be greatly appreciated if you could render Bronchial Thermoplasty and further investigation to Matthew.

For further information about Matthew, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse


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