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QQ-3772. Mr Andrew O'Connor - Nursing – Sanjana Nalupurappatil – Left Cerebrovascular Acciden


The District Nurse

The District Nursing Centre

Land Park

22 March 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Mr Andrew O’ Conner, aged 74

I am writing to refer Mr O’ Conner who is recovering from stroke and right sided paralysis. He requires continuous care feom your service.

Mr O’Conner was admitted to the hospital on 2 December 2009 due to stroke. Although Mr O’Conner received intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy, he has mase a slow progress. He still requires assistance for activities of daily living and ambulates with a frame. He also has mood swings. His family were advices about a nursing home care but they are unwilling to do that. The occupational therapist was reviewed and modified his requirement with hand raise bathroom and bedrails.

Ms O’Conner lives with his wife in his family home. His wife has angina.

It would be appreciated if you could visit him twice a day to assist him for daily activities as well as transferring from bed. Kindly monitor his medication and coping status. Please refer him to the hospital whenever neede, and also make sure his wife’s health condition. Please not that his hospital follow up has been schedules as three times a week.

His perfinant detaila and medical history will attach with this letter. For any queries do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse.


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