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QQ-3771. Mr John Alex Frederick - Nursing – Sanjana Nalupurappatil – Left Knee Injury


Ms Diana Forest

The Luvanne Physiotherapy Centre

58 Livington street

South Wales NSW

19 July 2019

Dear Ms Forest

Re: Mr John Alex Frederick, DOB: 18 June ,1984

I am writing to request home visit for Mr Frederick who have problens with his mobility.

Mr Frederick sustained a knee injury after a fall. As per his General practitioner advice I attended him for wound dressing and assistance with activities of daily living.

He has made a good progress in his condition and walks short distances with the help of his wife other than mild pain while walking he is doing well. Although Mr Frederick was suggested to mobilise with help of walking stick, his wife requested a physiotherapist help until his mobility.

His mobility and balance were altered following a stroke in 2016. He lives with his wife.

It would he greatly appreciated if you could help him to improve his walking. Your expert advice will definitely benefit him.

If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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