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QQ-3769. Mr Craig Hemsworth - Nursing – Sharmila D'Costa – Tonic Clonic Seizure


Dr Crawlin Jones

68 Riverside Clinic


23 August 2019

Dear Dr Jones;

Re: Mr Craig Homeworth, aged 52

I am writing current health status of Mr Homeworth who is recovered from tonic clonic seizure. He requires follow-up management from your service as he is being discharged today.

Mr Homeworth admitted to hospital on 19 August 2019, with a history of sudden fainting along with unconscious. His wife was accompained with him and she noted jerking movements of limbs and face blue. He regained his consciousness after two minutes.

On assessment his vitals are stable. He was drowsy, disoriented apart from that there was bleeding from tongue and noted bruise in both left knee and arm. Has CT scan revealed which shows subdural hemoroma right occipital region and to ECG epileptie variants are observed.

During the hospitalization he was commenced with anti convulsant drug and antehypertensive medications apart from that he received T.T- and antibiotic course. He was instructed to use a safety band and avoid driving any strenous activities. Additionally educated him and wife to healthy diet and rest.

In the view of the above your requested to continue his treatment. mr Homeworth has followup appointmet in two weeks as the hospital for anticonvulsant therapy.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact me .

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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