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QQ-3762. Mr John Garette - Nursing – Sheeba Kurian – Melanoma


Dr Eric Coates

General Practitioner

Holmford Health Centre


25 September 2021

Dear Dr Coates,

Re: Mr John Garette, aged 30

Mr John Garette, who has suspected to have melanoma, requires assessment and management.

During home visit on 31 July 2021, Mr Garrett was repeatedly scratching his back, which could be due to insect bite. He refused to asses his back. On subsequent days, he had the same complaints along with itching and it was unhygienic. He was reluctant to examine it .

On today's visit, Mr Garratte had same clinical features. Though, he was resistant to check it initially, agreed to have a look finally. He subjected that he had flea bite. On examination, assymetrical mole on the left shoulder blade with bleeding has been found and flea bite has been ruled out. Appearance of the mole has been irregular and crustly with 8mm diameter. He refused to take photography of the mole.

Your expertized evaluation and treatment would be highly beneficial for Mr Garratte.

Please contact me in case if any queries.

Yours sincerely,

Community Psychiatric Nurse


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