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QQ-3761. Mr Walter Pitman - Nursing – Sheeba Kurian – Hypertension


Dr Laricrell

Family General Practioner

Sneinton Surgery

Newtown, 2143

14 July 2018

Dear Dr Laricrell,

Re:Mr Walter Pitaman, aged 69

Mr Walter Pitaman, who has been diagnosed with hypertension, requires full cardiac assessment and management

On 01 July 2018, Mr Pitaman was brought to Newtown hospital with deep lacerations on lower left arm. His wound was cleaned, sutured and dressed. He was treated with prophylactic antibiotics. He got discharged on 03 July 2018. However, his care has been continued in our clinic for five occasions. Regular daily dressing has been provided;as a result, his wound is healed well.

Mr Pitaman has had hypertension since 2008. He leads a sedentary lifestyle without any exercises. Therefore, his BMI is 30. During subsequent visits in the clinic, his blood pressure seems elevated. His latest blood pressure is 190/84 mmHg on sitting and 196/86 mmHg on supine position.

Based on the above-mentioned circumstances, your evaluation and treatment would be highly beneficial for Mr Pitaman.

In case any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

Nurse-Led Outpatient Clinic


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