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QQ-3739. Mr Adam White - Nursing – Umesh Umesh – Bowel Cancer


Day Surgery Nurse

Surgicentre 100 Plain Road


Date - 1 august 2018

Dear, nurse

RE- Mr adam White, Dob: 25 July 1958

I am writing this letter to inform you of relevant health history, pre-procedure assessment and management for Mr white, who have a Colonoscopy next week.

Today Mr white presented with the complaint of a bowel issue with bowel cancer screen test positive finding due to that, his dr advice for colonoscopy in next week for further course of treatment.

Although he seems worried due to his father having cancer since 1997, required further counselling.

On the observation, his vital signs were normal and bp was informed to Dr is that 145/95. His weight is 80kg, whereas hight 190cm apart from that blood investigation sent to pathology result will come before the procedure. Mr white is sensitive to codeine therefore informed all staff and attached an alert sticker to the paperwork.

Mr White has been explained about pre and post consequences of the procedure although consent was taken. He was instructed to take a light diet day before the procedure, fast from midnight and for bowel preparation. His pick up from the hospital was arranged apart from that communicated importance for a healthy diet, exercise as well as stoping of smoking and advise reduce ingestion of alcohol.

It would be appreciated if you go through with all the above information and review it 1 week after post-procedure for progress and further counselling.

Yours sincerely,

Practice nurse


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