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QQ-3737. Mr Bob Dawson - Nursing – Evelin Susan – Cerebrovascular Accident


Ms Marcia Devonport

West End Physiotherapy Centre

62 Vulture Street, West End

Brisbane 4101

25 May 2008

Dear Ms Devonport,

Re: Mr Bob Dawson, DOB:25 September 1924

I am writing to introduce Mr Dawson, who has been diagnosed with Cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Mrs Elizebeth Dawson requesting a home visit.

Mr Dawson has had cerebrovascular accident 4 years ago and mentally alert, slight speech impairement, residual weakness left side walk with limp, balance slightly impaired.

During home care on 18 May 2007 onwards to dressing in the wound and assist with showering and grazed knee redressed; however, no sign of infection. Moreover Mr Dawson managing to get around the house slowly with aid of his wife. He is managing well but he have pains. He is not using walker. Initially he do not know how to use. Moreover, Mrs Ellizabeth, asked to see local physiotherapist for him to improve mobility.

Mr Dawson married with Mrs Elizebeth aged 83 loves in own hose, both receiving age pensions. Mr Dawson is world war II veteran with gold health card.

Kindly assess for him mobility and educate the walker importance.

In case if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Sanya Matthews

Nursing Sister

Blue Nursing Home Care Agency.


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