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QQ-3735. Mr Phillip Satchell - Nursing – Jalaja Vinod – Multiple Sclerosis


Community Health Nurse

Community Health Centre


10 January 2022

Dear Nurse,

Re: Mr Philip Satchel

Mr Phillip Satchel, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis type II diabetes and chronic left and aged regular is being trasferred to your facility for ongoing care and improve his accessebility of multiple sclerosis treatment.

Mr Satchell has been under our care since March 2015. He was regularly monitored for the relapse of multiple sclerosis, which is recently stable however frequent attacks reported. Since he was poor compliance with Ors/diabetic agents and diabetic diet, he has been educated regarding blood sugar control. Additionally, frequent staphylococcus aureus ingection in the leg ulcers with pus formation were noted and he is commenced on intravenous antibiotics which needs to be changed into tablet form as well as two times daily dressing and regular metformin dose is recommended to continue.

Mr Satchel, who is a widower lives alone in a public housing. He us mentally active and maintaining good relationship with his sons. However he feels isolated and lonely.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, reference to Prince of Wales Diabetic clinic for medication review and better education would be recommended. Kindly ensure follow-up for Multiple Sclerosis with a neurologist as soon as possible. Your support for Mr Satchell to collaborate with commodity services would be profoundly beneficial to increase her coping and social relationship.

In case of additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse.


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