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QQ-3724. Mr Joseph Lazzarraaseus - Nursing – Shobha Reddy – Geriatric Counselling


Social Worker

King's Hospital

02 February 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Mr Joseph Lazzarraaseus

DOB: 19 May 1956

I am writing regarding Mr Lazzarraaseus, a widower with a fear of isolation, who requires temporary accommodation and a geriatric counselling session following his discharge today.

Mr Lazzarraaseus is an aged pensioner and used to live with his grandson. He is afraid to stay home all alone as his grandson moved abroad last week and only returns after 6 months. Increased nightmares, insomnia, and lack of interest in anything have been reported. A recent incident, where his friend was attacked by a thief, has triggered the fear; hence, he is reluctant to stay alone and wants a safe place to live.

Mr Lazzarraaseus was brought to the hospital by his neighbours after he fainted with high blood presure. During hospitalisation, his condition has been well managed with medications.

Given the above, it would be highly appreciated if you could arrange temporary accommodation at Senior Citizen Home till his grandson arrives. Mr. Lazzarraaseus would be highly benefitted from the geriatric counselling sessions.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,


Geriartric Department

King's Hospital


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