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QQ-3720. Ms Sheila Cartwright- Nursing – Shakila David – Unstable Diabetes Mellitus


30th Apil 2011

Mr. Edith Penny

The Community Nurse

Freement Community Health Centre


Dear Mrs Penny

Re: My Sheila Cartwright, aged 69.

I am withing to refer My Cartwright who requires follow care and ongoing management for unstable diabates mellitus with infected foot uller, following her discharge today.

Me Cartwright is a

Single, retired and lives with small rentun in her own house. She does not have any relatives or close friends. After her retirement , there is significant increase in intake of alcohol and poor quality of food. She also had periodic problems with

Self administration of hypoglycaenin moduatain she has

Non- insulin dependent diabetes for 9 years

On 14th april 2017, Ms Cartwright was treated for the she was commenced on Glibenclamide, 5mg., daily. Metformio 800mg, three times daily and Augmrvent tolle, 120mg twice daily. During hospitalization she was monitored for wound margine and compliatine along with daily salive dressing.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide education which include alcohol intake, diet Exercise pomamme and establishment of income producing activity kindly monitoy hen medication compliams, bload suger levels and wound healing progress.Encourage her to involve in social Activities and

involvement of community social serive worker

Should you have any querise, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse

Freement community hospital


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