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QQ-3716. Ms Sheila Cartwright - Nursing – Mamalibo Magred – Unstable Diabetes Mellitus


Mrs Edith Penny

Community Nurse

Freemont Community Health Centre

Dear Mrs Penny

Re: Ma Sheila Cartwright, 69 years

Ms Sheila Cartwright was admitted in Fremont Community Hospital on 14 April 2017 due to having unstable diabetes mellitus and infected foot ulcer. She is now ready for discharge back to community and requires medical and social needs into your care.

Stay in hospital, foot ulcer was cleaned and dressed with saline. Antibiotic therapy administered for infection control. Diabetes mellitus controlled by the use of glibenclamide.

Ms Cartwright lives alone and reports no relatives and close friends thereby was having periodic problem with self administration of hypoglycaemic medication. She is a retired administrator with small pension income though have increased alcohol consumption but dietary quality decreased.

Ms Cartwright is being discharged with gibenclamide 5mg daily, Metformin 800mg 7.d.s and amoxycillin 125mg bd.

Please encourage moderate exercise programme with establishment of social activities. Suggest establishment of income producing activity and emphasis the needs for an overall lifestyle plan.

Ms Cartwright is non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus for 9 years but on admission was having unstable diabetes mellitus. He will need ongoing monitoring of medication complaints, blood sugar levels, alcohol intake and diet.

If you have any queries, please contact me.

Yours sincerely


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