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QQ-3713. Ms Karen Charm - Nursing – Jalaja Vinod – Endometrial Cancer


Mr George Gerand


Solihul Hospital

Cliffbridge Road

Westmid lands



5 March 2019

Dear Dr Gerand,

Re: Ms Keren Charm, aged 44

I am writing to introduce Ms Keren Charm, who is presented with the symptoms suggestive of endometrial cancer. She requires further assessment on Management at your service.

Initially, on 3 March 2019, Ms Charm attended the clinic with the complains of severe vaginal bleeding, dysuria, dyspareunia along with back and pelvic pain, weight loss, tiredness and anorexia were also reported. Series of investigations including Trans vaginal scan and Hysteroscopy were performed and advised to follow-up with the lab reports. However, the following day she represented with worsening of symptoms such as bleeding from bladder and rectum.

In addition to the foul smelling vaginal discharge. Also she developed acitis, lymph, edema. Therefore, a PAP test with biopsy has been taken which revealed abnormal all growth. The lab reports were marked with decrease hemoglobin level and increased white blood cells along with electrolyte imbalance.

Today, Ms Charm was brought by her son and reported as she fainted at home. On examination the Blood pressure is 90/69mm of Hg, pulse is weak and thready, respiratory rate is 34/mt.

Based on the aforementioned circumstance your urgent evaluation and prompt care would be profoundly beneficial. Please note, Biopsy, MRI, CT and x-ray reports are waiting.

Incase of any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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