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QQ-3641. Mr Walter Pitman - Nursing – Vasundhara Shankar – Hypertension


Dr Laricrell

Snelnton Surgery



14 July 2018

Dear Dr Laricrell,

I am writing to update the current health status of Mr Walter Pitman, who has relentess elevation of blood pressure is being referred to your care for full cardiac assessment and management.

Initially, Mr Pitman visited our clinic with mild hematoma together with intense pain. On examination, his pain score was 8/10 and elevation of bloos pressure that was fluctuating between 186-190/86-89 mmHg were recorded. After a couple of days his blood pressure was still sustained to the sane reading and dressing was done for the healthy wound.

On the subsequent days, despite excellent wound healing, his blood pressure has been increasing the peak broth in supine as well as in sitting position. Today recorded blood pressure is 190/84 (sitting) and 196/84 (supine).

Pertaining to the above information it would be profoundly beneficial if you could provide your value evaluation for the further management.

Hereby, Mr Pitman’s blood pressure recordings were enclosed for your persual.

In case of queries, please donot hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse

Nurse-led Outpatient Centre

Newtown Hospital.


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