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QQ-3631. Mr Brett John Davis - Nursing – Anitta Renjith – Otitis Media



Mrs Mary bouvie

Maternal and child health nurse

Alban community health clinic

Dear Mrs bouvie,

Re: Mr Brett John davi, DOB: 02/02/1993

I am writing to refer Mr davi, into your facility as he needs care from local efiny and support for worsened stuffy nose and cold following discharge from the hospital.

Mr davi was admitted in the hospital on 04/07/1993 with diagnosis of otitis media,chronic nasal congulion and acute upper supualory tract infection. He underwent Denver development screening cut which shows normal development. He was managed with Amoxicillin antibiotics 50mg/kg in hourly Manny along with nasal and car whites before feeds. Due to cogulation he was restricted seeking ability for free fluids which was well tolerated. He became afebuile after 36 hours of admission socially. Mr davi lives with his parents and cousins in a rented two bedroom flat. His father Is a construction worker and her mother was a house wife.

As per the discharge plan, it would be greatly appreciated if you could able to provide Mrs davi continue and complete 14 days couch of antibiotics and administer car and nasl drops as required. Of Noli, monitor signs of elevated temperature.

Kindly do the needful and please do not hesitate to contact me for further queries.

Yours sincerely,

Charge nurse.

1. Brett John Davis - Anitta Renjith


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