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QQ-3629. Mr Andrew o connor - Nursing – Reena Vineesh – Right-Sided Hemiplegia


District Nurse

District Nursing Centre

Lake paris

22 March 2010,

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Re: Mr Andrew o connor, aged 74

Mr Andrew O connor, whi was diagnosed with right side hemiplegia, requires home visit twice daily for ongoing care and evaluation following the discharge today.

On 2 December 2009, Mr O Connor was admitted to hospital following a left-sided cerebro vascualer accident resulting in a right-sided hemiplegia. Despite intensive rehabilitation his progress has been slow. Although, he can mobilise slowly with a frame and feed himself, still he needs assistance to perform daily activities. During hospitalisation mood swings has been observed.

Mr O Connor, a retired baker lives with wife in family home in Lake Park. His two married children live far from him and wife suffers from angina. Consequently, family meeting held and discussed about nursing home placement. However, his family refused and made an arrangement for discharge. Modifications and other home assessment was carried out by occupational therapist. Visiting three times a week has been suggested, after the disharge.

Based on the above circumstances, twice daily assistance has been suggested to perform daily activities monitoring medications and his ongoing skills at home would be profoundly beneficial. His medication details will be forwarded shortly. In addition, his wife’s health to be monitored. Refer him to the hospital for reassessment if necessary.

If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse

North West Rehabilitation Hospital.


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