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QQ-3618. Mr Yanlin Ma - Nursing – Reena Vineesh – Cardiothoracic Surgery*


Ms Susan Williams

Hospital Social Worker

05 April 2011,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Mr Yanlin Ma, DOB: 12 March 1980,

Mr Yalin Ma, who has been recuperating from cardin-thoracic surgery, requires assistance with accomodation, to send letters for university and department of immigration, along with refer to smoking cessation and weight loss programme.

On 31 March 2012, Mr Yalin Ma was admitted to hospital with severe chest and back pain. Investigations, computerised tomography revealed severely dilated ascending aorta and type-A dissection and showed aortic valve incompetence in echocardiogram. During hospitalisation, underwent repair of aortic ancurysm and aortic root replacement with mechanical valve siccessfully. Post-operatively,hypertension was observed which was stabilised on third day. Exercise program was provided by physiotherapist and commenced on Warfarin therapy. In addition, post-operatively cardiac outpatient appointment have been scheduled on 3 and 6 months.

Mr Ma, whose rental accommodation has expired and needs new accommodation. In addition, his visa will expire at end of semester. To extend the university period, need letters to be sent to the concerned authorities providing necessary guidelines is required for weight reduction as well as smoking situation is very beneficial.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, providing proper guidance would be profoundly beneficial to assist Mr Yalin Ma.

If any additional information is required, please do not disturb to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Annie Smith

Cardiac Nurse

Prince Charles Hospital



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