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QQ-3614. Shirley Decosta - Nursing – Saritha Chinnan – Follow-Up Care


Ms.Sussana Bates

Child health Nurse

Royal Women Hospital

CNR Grattan & Flemming st


VIC 3052.

22 April 2011

Dear Ms Bates,

Re: Baby.Shirey Decosta , two weeks old

I am referring Shirley Decosta,a two weeks old baby,who is being discharged from maternity hospital into your facility follow up care and observation following discharge today.

Shirley Decosta is normally delivered baby by mother Ritz Decosta,no health related problems were noted at the time of birth.During hospitalization the baby was healthy,no congenital birth abnormalities noted.Mrs.Ritz Decosta is a multigravida who has another daughter 9year old.and husband works as a taxi driver.

Mrs Decosta is a regular breast feeding mother,baby Decosta is tolerating breast feeding well.Her birth Weight was measured as 3009 grams and it was increased to 3022 grams at the time of discharge.However, slight weight can be considered as normal . During hospital stay mother and baby doing healthy,as well as, the time of discharge both are fine.required follow up care and monitoring of baby weight is essential.

It would be greatly appreciated, if you could facilitate your follow up care.

If you have any queries, regarding Decosta do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse.


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