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QQ-3610. Mr Yanlin Ma - Nursing – Adeyan Mohamed – Cardiothoracic Surgery


Ms Susan Williams

Hospital Social Worker


Dear Ms Williams

Re:Mr Yanlin Ma,DOB:12/03/1980

Mr Yanlin Ma who underwent cardiothoracic surgery would requires your support in reducing obesity and joining smoking cessation programs.

Mr Ma was transferred from Royal brisbane and womens hospital to our facility on 31/03/2012 with diagnosis of acute pulmonary oedema.investigation echocardiogram reveals aortic valve incompetence.during hospitalization open chest surgery for aortic aneurysm and aortic valve replacement was done successfully.besides that warfarin treatments was initiated.

Mr Ma was a Chinese man who is studying in Australia with no any close relation.he is a moderate smoker and father died of aneurysm. In addition he was diagnosed hypertension 2 years ago which rise and stabilises during the first 3 days of surgery.although he was reviewed by physiotherapist and cardiac program was initiated but need to continue for 3 to 6month.

Mr Ma was recuperating progressively and was scheduled to be discharge on 9/04/2012 but would need assistance with accommodation due to expire of rent,also to notify university and immigration about the situation.

Base on the above mentioned circumstances it would greatly appreciated if you continue monitoring of condition by daily wound care,monitoring of blood pressure and ensure continuous physiotherapy session.

For more clarification do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nur


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