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QQ-3599. Ms Monica Ross - Nursing – Hagar Yeboah – Withdrawal Symptoms


Dr Gordwin Rodrigue


Southamptom Medical Centre

478 Willow Street

Queensland 8987


Dear Dr Rodgrigue,

RE: Ms Monica Ross, Aged: 26 years old.

I am writing regarding Ms Ross, who was admitted to the emergency department on 03/05/2019, for observation after consumption of twenty tablets of paracetamol with a bottle of wine. Due to making excellent progress, she is being referred to you for further assessment and ongoing care.

During hospitalization, she was treated with antidote acetylcysteine in normal saline. She looks pale and feels drowsy, however, she is conscious. She was presented with slurred speech, confusion, headache, and diaphoresis. Despite her constricted pupils with low blood pressure and weak pulse; she was still responsive.

It is worth mentioning that she has no history of mental illness, medical issues, drug overdose as well as drug allergies. She has been uninterested in her life; however, she is an accountant. She is single and lives with her mother.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide further care and support for Ms Ross.

A review appointment has been arranged with the toxicologist for Ms Ross.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse.


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