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QQ-3587. Mr Joshua Gibbon - Nursing – Vasundhara Shankar – Boxer Fracture


Mr Joshua Gibbon

Mr Sally Morris

Fracture Clinic

Bay View 53 Street

12 September 2020

Dear Ms Morris,

Re: Mr Joshua Gibbon, aged 27

Thanks for accepting Mr Joshua Gibbon, who has been diagnosed with boxer’s fracture. He requires ongoing care from your facility.

Today, Ms Gibbon presented with the complaints of left wrist fracture after sitting against the wall associated with numbness of the hand. Therefore, an x-ray Must perform which confirmed fifth metacarpal fracture with displacement. Consequently, splits was attached and hand has been elevated.

In terms of past medical and social history Mr Gibbon decides with his mother and girlfriend. He has long history of right leg and fibula fracture. In addition, he takes paracetamol 1 g for headache.

In view of the above circumstances, it would be profoundly beneficial if you could provide cast care and hand elevation. Encourage Mr Gibbon to visit hand clinic for physiotherapy review. A follow-up appointment has been scheduled later one week with nurse practitioner at fracture outpatient clinic along with an x-ray. It is worthy to note, report to emergency department in case pain and numbness pain.

In case any additional information is required please do not tested to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse.


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