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QQ-3578. Mrs Charlotte Prince - Nursing – Nisha Devi – Mild Concussion


Ms Legle word

Community Nurse Ashton Health centre Somerville

4 December 2018

Re: Mrs. Chow lollo Prince , aged 86

Dear MS Word

I am referring mrs Prince who is recovering from mild concussion following a fall and infected right toe. She requires ongoing care and assintance from your Service after being discharged today

MRS. Prince wom admitted to an hospital on 2 December 2018. on assessment an infeded right the was noticed which was resulted from untreated Ingrown teenaml Certain narological test as well as ct scan were perfromed and those house were no abnormal finding. . In addition to hit regular medicine he has been commonsed on the Amoxiallin 500mg for 3 times daily for 2 weeks Daily wound doming donotation.

Mrs. Poince retned, lives alone and her husban and 14 yem ago she walks wilt stick . she returns to visit Gp. In terms of medical condition , she has had hypertention for 25 years and urinarny incontinence. Additional she won affected with recment conjunction and gastroentratron due to poor hygience . she underwent icree replacement in 1998 . Socially , she is a heavy smorcer and occisaonal drinker.

In view of the above situation, it would be greately appreciated to provide home visits twice, a weak to provide assitance with Showoring and drening Advice regarding hand and food hygenic monitming of medication compliance would be profoundly beneficial Kindly encourage for adequate rest and would driving twice a week to be done.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for faltrm cocicm at any time. Kindly do the need ful .

Yours Sincerly

Registerd Nurse

3. Charlotte Prince- Nisha Devi


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