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QQ-3564. Mrs Sonia Calleja - Nursing – Pavani Thupakula – Right Inguinal Hernia


Social work

Huntington Tower


9 September 2018

Dear Social worker,

Re: Mrs Sonia Calleja, aged 85

Ms Sonia Calleja, Who needs permanent nursing care, requires your support to her and her family for transitioning to an aged care.

On 22 August 2018, Ms Calleja underwent open surgery for intenstinal obstruction and rught inguinal pernia repair. Post operatively, combination of treatments were provided to manage the condition and advice given regarding use of four wheel walking frame because prone to fall was noticed. Currently confusion and frequent fecal incontinence was noted. Additionally, and unwillingness to live alone was reported, whereas her daughter is unable to support her. However aged care assessment team was assessed her condition and advised 24 hours continuous nursing care.

Ms Calleja lives alone near to her daughter and she has had osteoarthritis for which vitamin D,iron supplements were commenced.

Ms Calleja reluctantly agreed to go to nursing home. Based on the aforementioned circumstances, providing proper advice to her and her family for importance of staying in aged care would be extremely beneficial to improve her condition.

In case, any additional information is required. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse

Newtown Hospital.


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