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QQ-3562. Mrs Charlotte Prince - Nursing – Jyothi Thomas – Mild Concussion


Ms Leyla Ward

Community Nurse

Ashton Health Centre


04 December 2018

Desr Ms Ward,

Re: Mrs Charlotte Prince, DOB: 04 August 1932

Mrs Charlotte Prince, who has been recovering from an infected right toe, requires home visits twice a week for ongoing care and management regarding medication complaince and wound dressing. She is being discharged today.

On 2 December 2018, Mrs Prince was admitted with a mild concussion following a fall at home. Her primary concussion test were unremarkable; however, she was monitered for 2 days. Whilst in our care, an infected right toe was found due to untreated in grown nail. Therefore, wound dressing and Amoricillen, 500mg thrice a day for two weeks were conmenced. She’s for discharge today with home visits.

Mrs Preethi is a retired post worker and lives alone. She has had hyperten for the past 25 years and takes ramipril 10mg. Additionally, she is at risk of fall due to mild scoliosis; hence, she uses walking stick for ambulation. As a result of poor hygiene, multiple episodes of conjunctivities and gastroenteritis were noted. Therefore, health education is recommended for the same. She is reluctant to visit GP and has incontinence of urine.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, monitoring of medication compliance and dressing would be profoundly beneficial. It is essential to provide assistance with showering and dressing as well as encourage to take adequate rest.

In case of any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse.


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