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QQ-3553. Mr Andy Williams - Nursing – Saritha Chinnan – Weight Gain



The Weight Centre

393 Victorian Road



15 June 2018

Dear Dr Kurac

Re: Mr.Andy Williams,aged 65

I am referring Mr.Williams a radiologist. He requires further assessment and management regarding his childhood obesity.

Regarding his weight history, Mr.Andy Williams has been gaining weight at every decades,he is now highest adult weight for which he was participated in commercial and medical weight loss programs, however,he gained weight within months of discontinuing programs,he was not willing to undergo weight loss surgery but, he was concerned about complications from bariatric surgery.His current weight is 155 kg.Mr.williams has taking three meal per day, his dinner is largest meal of the day at 7.30pm.

Mr Williams is single,works as a radiologist, recently divorced,he was depressed due to financial problems also, stressful changes at work.Mr.Williams has had type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension and gout also sleep apnea on medication.for diabetes he was taking insulin Mph 30 units before breakfast and 70 units before or after the dinner, in addition to that metformin 850mg twice a day, for hypertension atorvastin 10mg, lisinopril,nifidifine and allopurinol with ever -the counter vitamin B12 supplement.

In above view Mr Williams keen to know the surgical options, requested referral to the weight centre for evaluation of obesity and recommended treatments.

If you take over his further care and follow up it would be greatly appreciated,if you have any queries, regarding Mr.Williams, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


Eastern. Medical Centre

Melbourne 3002


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