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QQ-3552. Mrs Jane brown - Nursing – Neha Banu – Alzheimer's Disease


Angela hope

Community care manager

Government community service

18 November 2021

Dear Ms hope,

Re: Mrs Jane brown,aged 67

I am writing with regard to Mrs Jane brown,who has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. She requires further assessment and monitoring at your facility.

Mrs brown has been suffering from Alzheimer's since 3-4 years. On observation, progressive symptoms are severe memory loss, forgetfulness on basic information or routines and general mood deterioration. As a result,she has become verbally aggressive. In addition, she has been experiencing incontinence of urine and disturbed sleep. Based upon this conditions, assessment has became difficult due to her hyperactiveness.

Mrs brown is a retired school teacher and lives with her husband, who is a retired police officer. Her husband struggles to cope with her often become frustrated and tearful due to the deterioration in wife's condition. He feels it impacts on their social life and fears for her safety. He has reported very tired being with her.

She has had CVA with right- sided weakness 4 years ago,upon referall,it would be greatly appreciated if you could do further assessment and monitoring for her progressive condition and other supportive measures to her husband.

In case of additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse

Royal district nursing service.(RDNS)

20. Neha Banu - Jane Brown


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