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QQ-3551. Harry Kovacs - Nursing – Neha Banu – Separation Anxiety Disorder


John Dyer

Clinical psychologist

Early childhood mental health team

Bankstown hospital


16 May 2011

Dear Dyer,

Re: Harry Kovacs,aged 5

I am writing to refer Harry Kovacs, who shows the signs and Symptoms of early onset separation anxiety disorder. He requires assessment and management at your facility.

Harry has been a kindergarten student and used to live a happy life. However, his mental condition has become unstable since his mother, Mrs Elizabeth Kovacs get admitted into hospital for 6 weeks with deliberately self-harm attempt.

Consequently, Harry Kovacs the symptoms of social withdrawal, refuse to go kindergarden, cries and gets leaving thought. In addition, he experience increased insomnia and nightmare. As a result, increased pressure on Mrs Elizabeth mental health which was already fragile. However, Harry's father always busy in his work and shows no interest in discussing Harry's mental health condition.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, Harry has attended initial assessment along with his mother which shows the obvious signs of separation anxiety disorder. It would be greatly appreciated if you could arrange join meeting including his mother, which may be beneficial for the further assessment and management.

In case of additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mental health care manager

Community mental health center.

19. Neha Banu - Harry Kovacs


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