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QQ-3540. Ms Sonia calleja - Nursing – Navtej Kaur – Inguinal Hernia Surgery


Social worker

Hunting Tower


Dear sir /Madam,

Re: Ms Sonia Calleja, aged 85

I am referring Ms Calleja who is recovering from right inguinal heria surgery.she is being discharged today and requires support to her and her family for a transitioning to an aged care.

On 28 August, 2018 Ms Calleja Presented with symptoms suggestive of the right inguinal herina .x ray confirmed the diagnosis and she underwent uneventful surgery. She responded well to treatment, but she has risk of fall while walking , for which she uses a four-wheel frame. She referred to a geriatric for rehabilitation assessment .Apart from this, she has frequent incontinence bowel and she was assessed by a aged care assessment team and recommend for a permanent 24 hour nursing care.

Ms Calleja lives alone in an independent living and her daughter lives close by, but she is unsupportive due to her own health issues.

In view of the above, it would be greatly appreciated if you could have a discussion with her and her family concerning her transfer to age care, as Ms Calleja is unhappy and anxious to live in age care facility.

Should you require further information , please contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse

Newton Hospital


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