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QQ-3530. Mrs Joy Rafferty - Nursing – Harminder Kaur – Benign Hypertension


Ms. Rhonda Jhons

Registered Nurse

Community Health Care

25 River street

Clayton, VIC : 31804

17 November 2021

Re: Mrs Joy Rafferty, aged 65

I am referring to Mrs Rafferty who has been under our care for the last 10 years. Now, she needs your care and support due to increasing isolation and general health.

Mrs Rafferty is widowed and lives alone in a housing commission flat. She has six children with three living nearby and they are very supportive. Nowadays, her social activities have been reduced to family occasions along with outside outings, for which her family does shopping for her. She was very active with the church and in her social life.

She has had hypertension for the last 10 years for which she is taking Coversyl 4 mg daily. Her weight has increased from 75kg to 90kg. She takes analgesics for pain due to undifferentiated osteoporosis. Apart from this, she has mild depression.

In addition, Her family was concerned and overprotective: therefore several meetings were arranged regarding her condition and now the family is agreed with our suggestions.

Upon discharge, she needs monitoring to improve her health condition by increasing her exercise regime and stimulater. Please continue family meetings and introduce her to activity groups in the area such as Aqua aerobics and local women chair. Please provide her meals on wheels.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take over her and provide appropriate support. Please contact me if you need any information.

Yours sincerely,

The community Health Nurs


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