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QQ-3519. Mrs Alice Woot - Nursing – Neha Banu – Breast Cancer


Dr Elizabeth Smith

6 October 2018

Dear Smith,

Re:Mrs Woot, aged 59

I am writing on behalf of Ms Jenny, daughter of Mrs Alice Woot, who shows signs and symptoms of breast cancer. She requires further assessment and management at your facility.

Mrs Woot brought was to health centre with the complaint of lump in her breast since 6 months. On assessment, she has been found to have 5cm of lump in her right breast, along with bloody discharge from nipple. In addition, no axillary node has been palpated.

Mrs Woot has no family history of breast cancer. However, she has been hypertensive, for which she is on mixture of natural medicine. She has been refused to consult with doctor and to undergo mammogram, as she scared of machine as well as, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In addition, Mrs Woot is a widow and attained menopause.

Apart from the above information, she has been agreed on monitoring of BP within 3 months of checkup. It would be greatly appreciated if you could monitor her condition and discuss the treatment options with her in sympathetic manner to build her trust to be compliant with her medications. Please note, she has been interested only to consult with female doctor.

Based upon above circumstances, if you have further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse


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