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QQ-3517. Mr Abdullah Gahtani - Nursing – Cinju Varghese – Coronary Artery Bipass Graft


Ms Janice Smith

The Community Nurse

Community Centre

102 Melbourne

07 August 2018

Dear Ms Smith,

Re: Mr Abdulla Gahtani, DOB:05 June 1968

Iam reffering Mr Gahtani, who ha been recuperating from coronary artery bypass surgery, requires further assessment and support from your facility.

Mr Gahtani presented today with severe pain in chest and jaw, which radiates to the left arm. His radiological examination confirmed as myocardial infarction; therefore, the surgery was performed. Postoperatively, he was treated with conservative management along with physiotherapy. His electrocardiogram is monitoring continuosly. In addition to that karvea 150 mg and aspirin 81 mg were commenced.

Mr Gahtani is a refugee and doesnot speak English. He is married and lives in a rental flat, works as a store keeper. He smokes in excess and is obese. Consequently, instruct him regarding the imperative of quit smoking and also ensure that he follows exercise regimen.

It wouldbe greatly appreciated, if you could teach Mr Gahtani the necessity of taking medications and also his discharge mediacations to be collected from the pharmacy. Monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate is recommended during home visit. Organising a dietician is suggested as he is adhering with his new diet.Apart from this, kindly arrange social service inorder to register the rest of the family with a local GP. Please note, his follow up with cardiologist has been scheduled on 25 August 2018 at 2 pm .

Please contact me for further queries.

Yours sincerely,

Ward Nurse


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