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QQ-3513. Mrs Diane Carpenter - Nursing – Harminder Kaur – Lung Resection


The director

Repatriation general hospital

216 daws road

Daw parh 5041

Dear sir/madam,

Re: Mrs Diana carpenter,aged 58

I am referring Mrs carpenter, who has been recuperating from lung resection followed by lung metastates. She is being discharged today and transferred to your facility for further care and management.

Mrs carpenter had cancer in 1986, therefore,full mastectomy was done. In April 2009, she complained of dysponca and investigations revealed small patches in left lungs. During hospitalization,she developed pneumonia which was treated with antibiotic therapy and rentilation,which now,she is fully resolved. She was initiated physiotherapy to encourage her mobility.

She recently migrated from Canada and unable to work due to visa issues. However, she is supported financially by her daughter. In addition, she is unable to cope up with her condition.

Given the above,it would be greatly appreciated if you could continue her physiotherapy sessions in order to inform her mobility. Please organise visits between psychiatrist and daughter to encourage them to be more supportive emotionally of note,she has an appointment for chemotherapy at finder medical centre on 06/06/2009.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charged Nurse.

8. Harmindee Kaur - Diane Carpenter


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