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QQ-3509. Mr Jake Peterson - Nursing – Nidhi Arora – Alopecia


Mrs Monica Kullan

Senior Nurse Practitioner

University of Marchbank Health Center

Hills Dunne Rd


30 August 2019

RE: Jake Paterson, aged 18 years

Dear Mrs Kullan,

Jack, who is a student of holy house boarding school at Brenkridge for eight years, experiencing alopecia since five years, is also concerned about transition to university, requires monitoring. Possible Depression?

In 2014, at school clinic, Jack was presented with first episode of loss of hair in patches. Anxiousness was observed due to incident of school bullying; therefore, trichology referral was made. Steroid creams were prescribed for three months; thus, personality changes, aggression and sleep loss were reported.

After four years, again anxiety and pronounced hair loss were observed, reluctant to see specialist instead natural remedies were requested, which did not work. Consequently, distress was increased and low mood was observed, in addition, sports participation was also affected and he faced problems keeping peer relationships.

In the last three months, hair loss has been increased, extreme anxiety has been observed specially, during exam. Another concern has been raised about transition to university and wants to live independently.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can monitor him on urgent basis as well as special exam arrangements are needs to be organized.

If you need any other information, please feel free to contact.

Your Sincerely,

School Nurse


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