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QQ-3508. Mr Peter Dunbar - Nursing – Nidhi Arora – Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


The Community Health Nurse

Eastern Community Health Center

456 East Street


22 January 2019

RE: Mr Peter Dunbar, DOB: 18.03.1932

Dear Nurse,

Mr Denver who is moving to Centreville to live with daughter and her husband, has type 2 diabetes and Myocardial Infarction, requires ongoing monitoring and assistance.

In 2016, Type 2 diabetes was diagnosed; therefor, dietary management was recommended. Wife used to manage his dietary requirements; however, after wife died, non-compliant with diet and medication were observed. Although education regarding diet and medication regime was provided but still noncompliance was reported; thus, daughters wants him to move with her and husband to Centreville, where she can continue his cares and provide good nutrition and monitor medication. Education and strategies related diet and medications are requested by the daughter.

In 2018, Myocardial Infarction was diagnosed and Ramipril 5MG daily for hypertension was commenced. In addition to hypertensive medications, he also has been prescribed for tablet sotalol 40MG daily, Warfarin 3 to 5MG variable doses, Metformin 500MG for diabetes.

It would be appreciated if you could see Mr Dunbar, as ongoing monitoring is required. Encouragement related diet and medication is needed as well as daughter needs to be trained about the same.

If any other information is required, please feel free to contact.

Your Sincerely,

Charge Nurse


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