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QQ-3502. Mr Patrick Murphy - Nursing – Cinju Varghese – Left Big Toe Amputation


The Community Health Nurse

Holly Spirit Community Nursing Home

Beaches Road


Sothern Ireland

10 August 2019

Dear Community Health Nurse,

Re: Mr Patrick Murphy, aged 70

lam referring Mr Murphy, who sucessfully underwent amputation of left big toe on 04 August 2019, requires onging care and support follwing his discharge today.

On 12 july 2019, Mr Murphy had an injury to his left big toe while digging with fork in garden and treated by himself. After one week, the toe got infected, therefore, he visited general surgeon. In addition, his blood sugar level showed 402mg/dl, for which he was reffered to the diabetologist. On examination, pus , swelling,redness and itching were recorded. As a result of this and delayed wound healing, he was advised for admission.

Mr Murphy aws admitted on 27 July 2019 and performed the surgery.

During hospitilisation, panadol and antibiotics were commenced. Postoperatively, he was depressed, isolated and not showing any inetrest in daily activities. He experienced pain in lower back and required assistance for daily activities of living. Today, he has been attained good recovery and fit for disharge today.

Mr Murphy has had dibetes mellitus for the past 30 years , which was managed with insulin and has hypertension since 1990. He smokes 2 packets of cigrattes ina day and consumes alcohol 2 bottles per day. His BMI IS 32 .

Upon discharge, health education on life style, modification and exercise is suggested as he is leading a sedentary life style and has non medication compliance. Along with this, teaching on self administration of insulin is also advised. Physiotherapy and regular dressings are recommended.It is imperative to continue his analgesics and antibiotics .Please note, his follow up in diabetic opd has been scheduled on 17 August 2019 .

Please contact me for any additional information and further queries .

Yours sincerely,

Stephy Anne

Charge Nurse


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