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QQ-3500. Ms Kelly Fernandez - Nursing – Rinu Shajan – DiabetesKetoacidosis


Ms Margaret Sam

Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Timberlake Health Education Centre

Suite 548

34 Collins Street


Dear Ms Sam

Re:Ms Kelly Fernandez

DOB: 2 April 1975

I am writing to you regarding Ms Kelly Fernandez, who requires home visit to provide instructions on continued selfcare after discharge. She was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. She is being discharged today.

Ms Fernandes presented to our hospital in an unconscious state.Her husband Mr Fernandes George reported that she is diagnosed with diabetes since two years. She is not maintaining proper diet and medication also she misses insulin doses most of the time.

During hospitalization, Ms Fernandes is recuperating well with the treatments.All her vital parameters and ECG comes to normal.She requires education the importance of taking insulin on time and timely diet management to avoid the emergency situations in future.

Upon discharge,Ms Fernandes was advised to review after 15 days .In addition to that she requires home visit from the diabetes Specialist nurse to provide diabetes education.

It would be appreciated ,if you could provide home visit to Ms Fernandes to reduce the future risk of episodes

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse


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