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QQ-3489. Mr Lionel Ramamurthy - Nursing – Jebin Cryan – Pneumonia


Ms Georgegine Ponsford

Resident Community Nurse

Community Retirement Home

103 Light Street


Dear Ms Ponsford

Re : Mr Lionel Ramamurthy ,Aged 63

I am writing to refer Mr Ramamurthy was admitted on 04/02/2021 with the diagnosis of Pneumonia and he will be discharged today.

On admission he had the complaints of shortness of breath ,wheezing ,cough,fever,rigor, sleeplessness and generalised ache.

Mr Ramamurthy is widowed and he has 2 children .He is retired teacher and financially independent

After a week he is Febrile and inflammation markers back to normal .He is independent and able walk .Still he experiencing dry cough ,chest and abdominal pain.

Mr Ramamurthy is on for Paracetamol for chest and abdominal pain. Please maintain him warm ,should provide good Nutrition, encourage him fluids ,eggs and veg.

On admission Mr Ramamurthy was weak and he gained weight but still he need ongoing monitoring .

If case of any queries kindly contact me .

Yours Sincerely,

Charge Nurse


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