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QQ-3486. Alicia Nesbitt - Nursing – Navtej Kaur – Opioid Dependence


Senior Midwife

Community Midwifery Team

Salton Maternal and Child Health Centre


28 April 2016

Dear Senior Midwife,

Re: Alicia Nesbitt, DOB:22 April 2016

I am writing to you regarding baby Alicia, who was born opioid-dependent and with low birth weight. Both mother and baby are being discharged today.

Alicia’s birth weight was 2kg which has increased to 2.3kg. The baby was not consistent with bottle feeding; probably as a result of decreased appetite. Alicia’s mother and grandmother need frequent prompting to care for the baby. There is poor bonding between them.

Alicia‘s mother has been heroin dependent for two years and recently worked as a sex worker. Both baby and mother completed heroin withdrawal without any complications. Mrs Nesbitt is single and separated from the baby's father due to domestic violence during her pregnancy. Alicia’s grandmother is supportive.

After discharge, Alicia and her mother will live with grandmother the discharge was approved by the Department of Community service.

Please ensure the baby had a safe environment and update the department in case of any risks. Please arrange daily home visits until Alicia’s weight and feeding become stable. Mrs Nesbitt’s coping and psychological state need regular monitoring. Please educate both the mother and grandmother on infant care.

The drug and alcohol team has been involved in managing Mrs Nesbitt’s drug addiction since hospitalization. Kindly keep in touch with the team for providing her integrated support to prevent relaps and Alicia ‘s doctor will forward the medication details to you.

Should you require any information, please contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse


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