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QQ-3469. Mr George Gale - Nursing – Adeya Mohamed – Urinary Tract Infection


Ms Jane Gold

Head Nurse

Primrose Nursing Home

Blackwood Street

Old town


Dear Ms Gold

Re:Mr George Gale,aged 85

Iam writing to discharge Mr Gale who was recuperating from urinary tract infection,would require your further care and assessment after being discharged today.

Mr Gale was admitted in oldtown facility on 10/05/2021 with complaints of fever,confusion and disorientation after falling while brushing teeth.Mr Gale fell backwards with headstrike and leg cross.he lie on the surface for 5 hours before neighbour heards him,ambulance was called and he was taking to the hospital.2 weeks prior to the incidence he had a single episode of vomiting, palpitations and dysurea.during hospitalization urinalysis was done ,routine care including vital signs regularly, also treatment with iv amoxicillin 750mg tds.

Mr Gale was a retired manager with one son who is working abroad,wifes died 2 years ago.he lives alone independently in own flat ,no any close family but has good relationship with neighbours.beside that he has past history of osteoarthritis,hypertension,gastro oesophageal reflux disease and non specific colitis.his regular drug was felodipine 5mg daily and tabs paracetamol 500mg 2 tabs tds.

It would be profoundly beneficial if you encourage on physical activity for 30days,and assess for independent living since he stays alone at home, and there is evidence of confusion.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiry.

Yours faithfully



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