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QQ-3465. Mrs Betsie Anderson - Nursing – Nycy Mathew – Urinary Tract Infection


Ms Stella Howard

Head Nurse

Woodside Nursing House

Norwich 142

Woodside Road


Dear Ms Howard,

Re: Mrs Betsie Anderson, aged 89

I am referring back Mrs Betsie Anderson to your facility, who requires continuing care and expedient management following her discharge today. She has been diagnosed with urinary tract infection.

On 16 February 2020, Mrs Anderson was admitted with the complaints of increased somnolence,incontinence of urine and low grade fever. On examination, she was confused and oriented to person only as well as 38.3C temperature was detected. Laboratory investigations revealed the diagnosis; therefore, she was treated with intravenous ciprofloxacin and acetaminophen 625mg.Currently ,she has made an excellent prognosis.

Upon discharge, it would be profoundly beneficial to provide thorough evaluation in Mrs Anderson's vital signs, consciousness level,toileting with proper hygiene along with daily living activities. Kindly monitor signs of dehydration, orthostatic blood pressure and ensure slow transition during positioning. Please encourage increased mobility and Physiotherapy.

It would be appreciated if you could arrange a follow-up appointment with Mrs Anderson's general practitioner Dr Alex Rose in fortnight with urinalysis and other laboratory investigations. Please note, her detailed list of medications are attached with this letter for your reference. Equipments such as walker, cane and bedside commode are required.

In case, any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse


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