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QQ-3457. Ms patricia Cooper - Nursing – Ansu Baby – Aspiration


The Dietician

Zedhealth Nutrition and Dietetics

North Terrace and frome Road

Centenaty Building

Level 2 Adelaide

SA 5000

21 March 2019

Dear Dietician,

Re:Ms patricia Cooper, aged 67

Ms patricia Cooper, who had an episode of chocking, requires your urgent assessment and further management to improve his swallowing function.

Ms Cooper is single, who is aresident in our memory care unit. She has had diabetes mellitus since 2013,for which he was recommended low fat fiber rich diet. Nitroglycerin patch administering dIt for ischemic heart disease. He was diagnosed with severe demensia in 2015 and able to understand simple instruction. He gets confused and disoriented along with impaired judgement. He has osteoarthritis of both knees.His BMI is 30,above normal level and he has increased appetite, request for additional meals and snacks. Please note,he has no teeth and have entire upper and lower dentures.

Today, she had an episode of chocking during breakfast;however, the piece of was removed. Presently, his condition has improved.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, it would be extremely appreciated if you could provide an urgent assessment and advise her anout the diet regime.

In case of any further informaton required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse

Memory Care Unit

Agmaroy Nirsing Home.


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