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QQ-3455. Mr Bob Dawson- Nursing – Neha Banu – Left Knee Injury


Ms Marcia Devonport

West End Physiotherapy Centre

62-Vulture Street

West End


23 May 2008

Dear Physiotherapist,

Re:Bob Dawson, DOB:25 September 1924

I am writing on behalf of Mrs Elizabeth, wife of Mr Bob Dawson, who has been recuperating from knee injury. He requires further assistance and support at your facility.

Mr Dawson has had a fall while climbing the stairs. On observation, he has been found to be badly grazed to a left knee. Based on this, GP has been advises to Blue Nursing Home Care Agency for his wound dressing and assistance in showering. As a result, his mobility has been improved and no sings of infection have been noticed. However, he has had complain of usual aches and pains.

Pertaining to his medical history, he has had cerebro vascular accident 4 years ago and has been experiencing left side residual weakness,slight speech and balance impairment.

On today's report, knee healing well and has been advised to use walker or walking stick for mobility. In view of above circumstances, it would be greatly appreciated if you could assisst him in using walking aids in order to improve his mobility.

In case of additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Sonya Mattews

Registered Nurse

Blue Nursing Home Care Agency


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