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QQ-3451. Mrs Joy Rafferty - Nursing – Kavita Baudh – Benign Hypertension


Ms Rhonda Jones

Registered Nurse Community Health Centre

25 River Street


Victoria 31804

12 November 2021

Dear Ms Jones,

Re: Mrs Joy Rafferty, aged 65

Mrs Joy Rafferty, who has been receiving our services since last ten years is being introduced, requires ongoing evaluation and supervision from your facility.

Mrs Joy Rafferty is a widow and lives alone; however, her children resides nearby and assist in shopping and outing. Family meetings were organised to increase the social activities. Apart from that, benign hypertension, which has been progressing was diagnosed ten years ago and coversyl 4 mg was prescribed. Last year, weight of 75 kg was noted, currently it has increased to 90 kg. Analgesics are needed for aches and pain associated with undifferentiated osteoarthritis. In addition, she also has mild depression.

The new community health centre is near to Mrs Rafferty's home and is more convenient for her. It would be greatly appreciated if you could continue the family meetings and provide education regarding the importance of exercise program. Liasing with activities of her interest including aqua aerobics, local women's chair and parish groups would be highly recommended along with monitoring of attending them.

In case additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Community Health Nurse


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