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QQ-3438. Ms Raquel Jackson - Nursing – Bincy Kunjumon – Hypoglycemia


The Physician

Emergency Department

Dekmont Private Hospital

North Terrace

Adelaide SA,5000

11 October 2020

Dear Physician,

Re:Ms Raquel Jackson,aged 62 years

I am referring Ms Raquel Jackson who requires urgent assessment and management for hypoglycemia due to drug interactions.

Ms Jackson has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes since 2008.On 16 September 2020 she underwent a laproscopic cholecystectomy and was managed conservatively.Inaddition home visits were organised for 5 weeks as her daughter has gone for a tour.

Initially Ms Jackson was well, talkative and can walk around the house.She made a good progress.On 09 October 2020 heart burn was developed and contacted to her Gp.As a result,her Gp advised to start cetedine after cease metformin.

Today,as a part of home visits Ms Jackson was found to be weak ,tired,confused and still on metformin.On examination,her HBA1C was 4% and blood glucose level was 3.1%.

In view of the above,it would be highly beneficial to evaluate and support Ms Jackson.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Community Health Nurse


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