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QQ-3418. Ms Margaret Helen Martin - Nursing – Uppula Srilatha – Angioplasty


Nurse In Charge

District Nursing Service

Greenville Community Health Care Centre

88 Highton Road


15 July 2017

Re: Ms Margaret Helen Martin , aged 81

Ms.Margarat Helen Martin, who is recuperating from anginoplasty is ready for discharge tomorrow, requires follow up care at home by Greenville Community health care Centre

Ms.Martin's past medical history reveals that she is suffering from hypertension, coronary artery disease and underwent angioplasty in 2008 also and suffers from hypercholesterolemia for takes tablet atorvastin if the level exceeds more than 8.3. She is on regular medications like tab.metroropol, rampril, aspirin and clopidogrel. Patient has sedentary lifestyle and is overweight with BMI of 29.5.

During hospitalization, the nursing management included, routine and regular postoperative recovery, light diet and fluids well tolerated. Noted bruising at the catheter site post operatively, but has no evidence for signs of infection. Wears hearing aids for impaired hearing loss.

The patient's post discharge plan at residence should include diet, which contains high protein with gluten free, low caloric and low cholesterol under the guidance of dietician. Performing physiotherapy with minimal excercise, walking for 15 minutes everyday and strict restriction to lift heavy weights for atleast 12 weeks.

It would be of great help for the patient, if wound site monitored regularly, adherence to post operative medication, diet regimen, if possible arrange for relatives. In addition, regular monitoring by the doctor, dietician and physiotherapist for the further care.

Should you need any information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Ward Nurse

Cardiac Unit

Greenville Public Hospitality


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