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QQ-3410. Mr Jake Peterson - Nursing – Ajeesh Karosh – Alopecia


Ms Monica Kullan

Senior Nurse Practitioner

University of Marchbank Health Centre

Hillsdunne Rd, Marchbank

10 November 2021

Dear Ms Kullan,

Re: Mr Jake Peterson, aged 18

I am referring Mr Jake Peterson, who has been diagnosed with the anxiety and depression due to the excessive hair loss. He requires your further assessment and particular arrangements for his exam.

On March 2014, Mr Peterson presented to the clinic with complaints of a patchy hair loss on his head and an associated depression. Consequently, he was referred to a trichologist. After the assessment, the aggregated stress has been diagnosed. So, a betamethasone dipropionate cream 0.5% twice daily for the next three months was commenced. Subsequently, the personality changes, aggressive behaviour, and insomnia were noticed; thus, the medication refrained. After the six months, he revisited to the clinic with a worsened hair loss, notch-up anxiety. Up on assessment, the increased weight loss, elevated stress level, and anger were identified; therefore, the homeopathy treatment was prescribed but the reduction of the mood and distress were noted.

Mr Peterson, who been a student at the boarding school for the past 8 years. His father has been diagnosed with male-pattern baldness and the mother has had depression at the age of 40 years. He consumes 20 units of alcohol per week.

Pertaining to the above-mentioned circumstances, kindly provide further monitoring and special arrangements for his exam.

If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

The School Health Nurse

Boarding School


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