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QQ-3405. Mr Craig Hemsworth - Nursing – Ansu Baby – Tonic Clonic Seizure


Dr Ceawlin Jones

68,Riverside Clinic


23 August 2019

Dear Dr Jones,

Re:Mr Craig Hemsworth, aged 52

Iam writing to update the current health status of Mr Craig Hemsworth, who has been diagnosed with tonic clonic seizure, requires continuing care following discharge today.

19 August 2019,Mr Hemsworth was admitted following a sudden fainting associated with jerkimg movement, urine incontinence and unconsciousness, which was lasted for two minutes. On examination, he was conscious drowsy and disoriented. Bruises in left arm and left knee along with bleeding from tongue was noted.He underwent multiple investigations, which revealed focal epileptic variants+ and subdural hematoma on right occipital region;therefore he was shifted to intensive care unit with neurologist recommendation and commenced on injection mannitol, tetanus, phenytoin, cefriaxone and tablet clopilet and amlodipine. Opthalmology consultation was done and advised rest to the eyes.

Mr Hemsworth and wife was provided the information regarding seizure at home after dischage as they expressed the concern. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide follow up care and monitoring for him. Kindly monitor his medication compliance.He was instucted to use safety alert band and recommended healthy diet including regular sleep. Strenuous activities and driving is contraindicated. A follow-up appintment has been scheduled for anticonvulsant therapy.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

General Ward

King's Hospital



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