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QQ-3390. Ms Patricia Cooper - Nursing – Rinu Shajan – Aspiration



Zedhealth Nutrition and Dietietics

North Terrace and frome Road

Centenary Building

Level 2 Adelaide

SA 5000

Dear Dietician,

Re:Ms Patricia Cooper,aged 67 years

I am writing to request you for an urgent assessment for swallowing function and nutritional status of Ms Patricia Cooper, a 67years old resident in Agmaroy nursing home. She had an incident of choking while eating breakfast today.

Upon recent visit, Ms Cooper hasp been on a course of keflex 500 for seven days for chest infection. On following days she had occasional cough and episodes of shortness of breath with increased respiratory rate. Sometimes she tries to clear her throat after having milk content food.

Her past medical reveals, Ms Cooper has had diabetes mellitus with irregular diabetic diet.she takes nitroglycerine patch daily for ischemic heart disease.On May 2016,she had stroke with unsteady gait. Over the last five months, she gained 8kg along with increased appetite.

In addition to that, Ms Cooper had Osteoarthritis of both knees and had severe dementia which results impaired judgement and disorientation. Moreover,she lacks social interest and she doesnot have any allergies to medication and food.

It would be greatly appreciated ,if you could provide immediate assessment for Ms Cooper as she is on high risk of aspiration. Please note that,Ms Cooper has dentures over upper and lower part.

If you have any queries,please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse


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